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Bridging the worlds of man and nature


Beyond Thought Today is a new initiatives between friends and colleagues aimed at supporting and enabling those who are tired of ‘business as usual’ and are ready to explore and develop a deeper, more connected and aware way of engaging with each other and the world in which we live.

Here's a short meditation on the breath to illustrate the effect and intent.

This Beyond Thought Today web-site is still under development, but we do have available:

Ø  Beyond Thought: The Practice - a series of tips and simple models to help you 'rewire' your mind and how your use it.

Ø  At Last! A Science fit for Reiki – How New Science might explain Reiki Healing

Ø  Connected Living: Beyond the Cloud

  • Video Blogs on various closely related topics:

The Tao Today: how the ancient wisdom of Tao Te Ching provides wonderful insights into life beyond thought.

Conscious Evolution: changing how we think, for the better

Knowing & Growing: the many ways in which we can reconnect to a deeper wisdom and awareness of what’s really happening and is most important.

We also provide courses and mentoring/life-guidance session: please see my personal web-site.

As this Beyond Thought Today web-site develops, so we'll include a range of sessions and sharing opportunities. For example, our first meeting took place on 22nd Sept 2016 in Bangor, North Wales (UK):

Local gatherings and projects bringing the many facets of 'thinking' Beyond Thought and applying that consciousness to our lives and communities is an essential part of what we're about!

I look forward to hearing from you soon about what you're able to contribute: please contact me via this response form

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Dr Keith Beasley PhD Reiki Master
Co-founder Beyond Thought Today


If you like what we are doing and would like to support our efforts, donations would be appreciated
(your Pay-pal receipt will show this as a payment to 'One Reality'):

Or contact us to offer your time or effort in others ways. Thank you!

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